About Me

My brief autobiography

My name is Adam Sayid. I am a British Bengali Muslim, who is an independent researcher in Islamic theology, philosophy and Qur'anic hermeneutics. Many consider me as one of the key figures in the modern Muslim reform movements in the UK and I am known for my criticism and rejection of ‘Hadith-centric’ Islam. I have gained much attention through my Q&A that I regularly publish on my Facebook page.

I was born in the great city of Sylhet, Bangladesh in 1976 in a village known as Syed Mandaruka in the sub-district of Osmani Nagar. I am the fourth child of five children. My father migrated to the UK in the early 60’s through the ‘voucher migration system’ looking for work, and soon established himself as an Indian restaurateur. On Christmas day 1983 me, my mother and my siblings reunited with my father at his then residence in Aberdeen, Scotland. During this migration I was seven years of age when I first arrived in the UK.

I studied in the state schools, and struggled to find my space as a growing young man with multiple identity crisis as to who I was?! Bengladeshi, Muslim, or British? For a while as a young deep thinking teenager I was comfortable in myself as a closet atheist, which I later ditched for my search for a true religion.

Around a year into college I decided to pursue my desire to learn more about my religion of birth, Islam, as my search directed a U-turn back to Islam as the truth. So I enrolled myself at an Islamic boarding school for boys in Bolton, Greater Manchester. I continued this line of education for the next ten years in three Islamic boarding institutes in the UK. During which I memorised the Qur'an, and got comfortably familiar with Sunni theology. Also during this time, I joined and affiliated with many different Islamic movements, founded a Da'wah organisation called ‘Muttaqeen' and established an Islamic school known as the ‘Weekend Madrasah’, in which I taught with my own unique ‘Easy Daily Lessons’.

In January 2008, at the age of 31 and the father of two young boys, I unequivocally rejected the Hadith-centric theology, when I came to the conclusion that such theology was not conclusively substantiated by the Qur'an. Consequently, abandoning all association with Hadith-centric theology and closing down my school. I took to the online world seeking people who have had similar experiences and similar Islamic development, and started blogging snippets of my views and opinions on different aspects of Islam, which sharply differed from mainstream thinking. I soon became an inspiration for many around the world, who began enquiring religious guidance from me, as they admired the fact that I only gave answers ‘in the light of the Qur'an’. I have continued to this day publishing my Q&A on Facebook.

To overturn the current Islamophobic atmosphere and religious extremism around the world, in February 23, 2017, I  launched the ‘Quranology’ app to bring people together and help them understand Islam from its true and direct source. Though there are many Qur'an apps available, Quranology is freshly designed. One of the key feature that distinguishes it from other Qur'an apps is the ability to interact between users. As a matter of fact, it is more of a social platform, with the Qur'an as the subject of discussion. Users are equipped with a whole range of study tools and materials, that helps them enhance their knowledge of the Qur'an. There are many great and powerful features packed within the Quranology App that makes it stand apart from any other Qur'an apps out there, which are usually no more than an eBook.