Some advisories regarding my Q&A

7th February 2020

It is my experience that people are full of questions regarding Islam and the teachings of the Qur’an. I am honoured that many find some kind of authority in me for them to direct many of their questions to me. I have been answering people’s queries on various issues for the last ten years from around the world. My answers are derived solely in the light of the Qur’an to the best of my knowledge. However, you will notice that I do not elaborate on the answers with Qur’anic references; as personally, I am not a big fan of hurling verses of Qur’an around, hence I will rarely do that. The reason I subscribe to this policy is because I believe that all the statements and ordinances of the Qur’an are mutually complementary, thus it is imperative that the Qur’an is understood as parts of one integral whole. It is very easy for us to fall prey to mis-contextualisation of a relevant text of the Qur’an when quoting in isolation. Therefore, I tend to pen only my logical conclusions deducted from the entire text of the Qur’an.

Moreover, please be mindful of the fact that my conclusions and answers are truths for me only; I have penned it down for others only as a guide, directing towards a realisation that all must ultimately find for themselves. So, please be aware that my answers are intentionally concise. The intention is not to spoon-feed, but to point towards a realisation and arouse self-intellectualisation; one of the many purposes of the Qur’an itself.  Therefore, I am completely opposed to detailed instructions, as minutiae creates dogmatism and static proposal to human intercommunications and to their everyday affairs. The Qur’an used in conjunction with the intellect contains enough instructions to carry an individual through life. Since minute and finer details of everyday life initiates a path towards dogmatism, hence Satan has always inspired mankind to seek minutiae when Allah has given them a straightforward task to do. This inclination of man has historically lead them to codify every minute aspect of life, thence leading to dogmatism. The following passage of the Qur’an conveys this message well;

“When Moses said to his people, ‘God wants you to sacrifice a cow’. They retorted, ‘are you mocking with us?!’ He reassured them that he was serious by responding, ‘God forbid that I should be a prankster!’ They then further enquired, ‘ask your Lord to give us some further details of this cow’. Moses said, ‘my Lord instructs that it should be a cow of middle age, neither too young or too old; now go and carry out what you are expected to do!’ But they carried on enquiring, ‘ask your Lord to clarify to us what colour it should be’. Moses said, ‘God requires the cow to be of a glowing yellowish colour, alluring to the eye’. They then further enquired, ‘the character of all cows resemble the same to us, so ask your Lord to elaborate any specific traits of the cow, so that God-willing we will be able to pick out the right one for sure’. Moses described, ‘a cow that has never been subjugated to plough or irrigate the fields, so it is in impeccable and undefiled shape’. They said, ‘now you have the full facts’. So, finally they did find and slaughter a cow, though they nearly would have missed the opportunity to do so, due to their error of constant pedanticism.” (2:67-71)

Moreover, it is imperative upon mankind to seek general and broad education, as the lack of it tends to create a strong tendency to yearn for minutiae dictated by a deity and or others. Religiosity and institutionalised religions often are one of the major manifestation of dogmatism in the world.

I reiterate the point that, it is important for all readers to know that I am not giving out verdicts for others to follow, neither making religious canons; as I believe the Qur’an strictly discourages both. However, I encourage the questioner to take these elaborations as my own conclusions on the subjects, as a guiding point and to develop further to draw their own conclusions.  I do not know everything, nor do I claim to do so. As I find the Qur’an multi-layered and so profoundly vast that it is extremely difficult for one person to have amalgamated every aspects of the Qur’an. Anyone who claims to do so are either foolishly ignorant or hiding their intellectual deficiency.

My sole intention of regularly publishing the answers of the questions I receive on my Facebook page, is to give the seeker an opportunity to get a varied point of views so they can make an informed choice. As I have many learned brothers and sisters on my page with diverse views and opinions. Many passionately oppose my own views, therefore creating a contradistinctive platform. Consequently, also giving me the edge to learn more and to determine if I have missed or overlooked anything in my own analysis. One fact I have learned in life is that, ‘nothing is absolute’. Man, simply makes continual intellectual progress. What he considered approved yesterday, today it might be disproved due to new information coming to light. With this in mind I do not consider my conclusions that I have penned in this book as etched in stone. All humans are fallible, and everyone is responsible for themselves. Therefore, whatever you take from me please take a moment to verify what you accept or reject; to evaluate and to make continuous intellectual progress towards the truth.

Finally, I would like to make it clear that it is not my wish for my opinions to fill anyone with confusion or offence. The intention is sincerely the opposite. I prefer those who are agreeably or even adversely affected by my opinions to make their own analysis, not to simply refute and contradict, nor to blindly accept and idolise.

May God forgive me for any mistakes I may have made, and I pray that it is accepted as a sincere part of the noble effort to uphold the eternal truth of the Qur’an. My only hope is that the Muslims and all of humanity to benefit from my small effort. And I pray that, whatever we conclude with the limited intellectual prowess that we have been bestowed with, may God reward us on the basis of our sincerity alone. And may He show us the truth as truth and give us the ability to follow it and show us the wrong as wrong and give us the ability to refrain from it.

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