I do not seek to convert

25th January 2020

Just like the Qur’an, I do not view Islam as a narrow and proselytising faith, so, I do not seek to convert anyone to the organised religion widely known as ‘Islam’, with its various sects. I simply try to instruct and educate people towards an enlightenment and thus kindle a realisation within – the quintessential universal realisation that all paths that are in harmony with the natural state of our intellect, our natural instincts and surroundings, and contributes to the solidification of peace, justice and unity, is in-fact one of the many manifestations of the true path. Also that truth cannot be borrowed and followed, nor is it a legacy; but our own realisation materialised by and within our own intellectual struggle and growth from exposure to reading, experiences and analytical enquiries.

Moreover, Islam is not a club that requires signing up. Anyone can take any portion of the message of the Qur’an and make it part of their own to help them elevate their own being and their society around them in any way, without the need to give any royalty to Islam. If any teachings of the Qur’an appeals to anyone and they feel it holds high ideals, then they are free to use it to become better people. There is no need to switch. In fact, the epitome of truth is not found in conversion rates, but in deeds of quality, which are usually found among people who are deeply enlightened by profound truth.

This is what I informed a young school teacher who came to my house to accept Islam during this Ramadan. I instructed him to read the Qur’an in his own pace and build his life upon the teachings that he feels deeply attuned with, but cautioned him to be weary of the human need to belong, which instead of satisfying a mere social need, in religious settings develops into sectarian insanity, in which the world is already drowning.

May God accept his efforts and guide him to be a righteous individual. And may God endow in me and in all of us wisdom and enlightenment.



Excellent thought provoking words!

Adam Sayid

Thank you Omar.

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