Does the Qur’an inspire terrorism?

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12th February 2019

Q: Does the Qur’an inspire terrorism? If not, what is the root cause of terrorism and how can we eradicate such violence in the world?

A: The Qur’an does not inspire it’s adherents to indiscriminately maim and murder others. On the contrary, it begins every chapters with the words of mercy and underpins its entire message on peace, unity, justice and morality. However, though every terrorism will have many complex dynamics to it’s causes, primarily it should be understood on its geo-political circumstances; as terrorism of any kind is usually and largely underpinned by political injustices and grievances. The theo-ideology factor is initially added as a pretext to mobilise the religious audience; political injustices lays the seed, and religion is misused to germinate it.

It is imperative that all terrorist atrocities committed around the globe are condemned equally, whether innocent lives are killed using sophisticated and expensive machinery or a simple bullet; and all terrorists should realise that terrorism only begets retaliatory terrorism. The cycle of terrorism will begin to end only when they abandon the human-hating ideology that they are exhumed by, and resume and rekindle the love of life as a normal human once again.

Moreover, the world is in a big mess not because of the scary and tattered looking, poor uneducated folks causing amuck with guns; they only cause the lesser of the mess. Rather the world is in a big mess because of the suited and booted rich and posh looking educated folks causing amuck using bombs and drones around the globe, to further corporate interests whom they serve only to be paid and live lavishly, and the soul drive of the corporates is to make more and more profits; greed is the enemy.

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